Birthday: June 25th

Origin: Teaneck, New Jersey

Role in Raspberry Pie: Guitarist/Vocalist

Favorite food: Chicken cutlets

Least Favorite food: Mayonnaise

Height: 5’10’’

Weight: 145lbs

Hair color: Dirty blonde

Hair Style: Bob Ross afro

Astrological Sign: Cancer


Hobbies: Video games, frisbee, dancing

Raspberry Pie Debut: 5/9/2010

Affiliated Organizations: Orlando Ballet, Russian Ballet of Orlando, Dawn Branch Works

Aliases: Mr. Doug, The Fuzz, That guy with the striped pants

Likes: A pair of pants that fit well in the seat, walking to the mailbox

Dislikes: Unwarranted touching of the hair, or face

Blood Type: Look, I’ll level with ya: I don’t know.

Favorite Book: Main Street

Associated Element: Fire


Birthday: Jan. 11th, 1996

Origin: Wentzville, MO (St. Louis)

Role in Raspberry Pie: Keyboard/Vocalist

Favorite food: Chicken tacos

Least Favorite food: Mashed potatoes

Height: 6’1

Weight: 140lbs

Hair color: Brown

Hair Style: See also: A Flock of Seagulls

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Hobbies: Stand-up, cooking, watching woodworking Youtube videos & thinking about getting into woodworking but not actually getting into woodworking.

Raspberry Pie Debut: 8/28/15

Affiliated Organizations: SAK Comedy Lab, Cat Ridgeway & The Tourists, Ugly Bug Productions,

Aliases: Metablip, Goodwin, Mr. Ryan Goodwin, Lanky, Lankyman

Likes: Fender Rhodes, Dorito, art, recreational time, playing sick licks.

Dislikes: Fascism, people that can’t sing but are totally convinced they can.

Blood Type: O+ probably, why, you need any?

Favorite Book: “Likeness of Being” by Nathan M. Richardson

Associated Element: Water

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