Day 1: This Is Your Gym Song

It's funny, being in a band, especially a funk band, where things are always pretty lively (see above) is a lot like having an ensemble cast in a TV show. In our case, I like to think of us as cartoon or anime characters. Why do I think about our band this way? The short answer is that I'm a giant dork. Frankly, we're all pretty nerdy people here at Raspberry Pie, but chances are if you're reading this, you are either a giant nerd yourself (represent), or do not care. Anyway, as with any anime, you have individual characters with defining traits, all of which can be summed up in character profiles. Is there any better way to tell you all about ourselves than through individual character profiles? Don't answer that.

Those of you that haven’t seen us live may not recognize him, but CLYDE is our robot drummer (referred to by some as a “drum machine”), and is actually the second longest serving member of the band. Because he is an actual machine, CLYDE’s tempos are never off, and his sound is always the same, making it that much easier for the rest of the band to gel rhythmically, and get our audience dancing. CLYDE’s simple, yet penetrating drum sounds serve, in many ways, as the basis for the music we make.

For a more intimate understanding of our one and only robot drummer, check out today's bonus video!

Click below to download "Gym Song"!

If you’re confused as to why you’re here, watch this video! Or don’t. You do you.

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